Soft looks, sticky design
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Wrap-Around® Floor Savers: design that sticks

Have you been looking for a strong felt glide for tubular frame cantilever chairs, which is discrete and doesn’t have to be screwed on, but can simply be stuck?

In that case, handy Wrap-Around® is the ideal extension of your range! Wrap-Around® is soft, quiet and strong and has a completely different design than all alternatives. Lovers of tubular design furniture want a beautiful, durable but discrete floor glide that can be attached without tools. And that stays in place neatly underneath. Wrap-Around® makes it happen: Soft looks, sticky design!

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Soft, quiet and very strong!

No tools needed!


Gray, black and natural

10.000+ Satisfied Customers

Our Products

Novelty: Wrap-Around® NOVA

To expand the successful Wrap-Around® line, we have added an entirely new item to our product range: Wrap-Around® NOVA. Similar in function to the existing Wrap-Around®, slightly different in appearance. This long glider has a very large sliding surface and, just like its brothers, is easily attached under the frame by a self-adhesive strip. The Nova is available with a synthetic felt sliding surface and a wool felt sliding surface.

Something for everyone!

The Wrap-Around® is available in three different colors and 25 different sizes. In this way there is a suitable solution for every surface and every frame. With the expansion of the Wrap-Around® Nova, a suitable solution has also been found for sensitive wooden floors.

Where design and function come together

Traditional sliding surfaces are made of plastic and not attractive to the eye. This has been taken into account with the Wrap-Around® gliders. Our glides have an attractive appearance. Thanks to the seamless transition between sliding surface and mounting, it becomes a beautiful whole.

Comfortable, quiet and easy to use

Wrap-Around® is a flexible floor protector made of robust materials and is intended for hard surfaces. The floor protector has a large sliding surface made of synthetic felt. As a result, there is less pressure (kg / mm²) on the surface than with a smaller sliding surface and the ease of use of the chair increases. The chair slides easily over the floor and therefore makes less noise.

Wrap-Around® is easy to attach without tools and is durable. You can use them for cantilever or tubular frame chairs with a tube diameter of 10 - 25 mm. This is handy, because modern furniture is made with increasingly narrower tubes. Regular products cannot be (sustainably) attached underneath. That is the added value of Wrap-Around®: it always fits, is easy to apply and stays in place for a long time!


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Why Wrap-Around®?

Modern tubular frame chairs are made with increasingly thinner tubes. It is therefore increasingly difficult to secure a good sliding surface. Often there are no holes under the frame and due to the thin size of the (solid) tube it is also not possible to drill holes. And… why would you do it the hard way if you can also do it the easy way? Choose to stick. Life is complicated enough already!

New in Europe

Wrap-Around® was developed and patented in the USA. The felt floor glide has been used successfully for years and has proven itself in practice. As a specialist in sliding surfaces, we immediately fell in love with the product. Wrap-Around® offers so many opportunities for the European market! We can now proudly announce that we are an importer and distributor of Wrap-Around® for all of Europe.

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Small, but brave

Wrap-Around® has several good properties that distinguish it from the rest. Pretty neat for such a small thing!

- An appealing and distinct design
- Easy and quick to apply
- Good floor protector that lasts longer
- Silent in use
- Perfectly in line with current design trends


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"Just as you put a bandage on your finger, you attach a Wrap-Around® floor protector to the tube of a cantilever or tubular frame chair."