Wrap-Around®: Kind to your floor and quiet for your ears


Wrap-Around® fits under any piece of furniture with a tubular frame, whatever environment it is in ... The chairs slide smoothly and quietly over the hard, smooth floor. No obnoxious scratches, no ugly stripes… The unobtrusive design and easy attachment make it an ideal product. Whether at home, at the office or in a public space.

Stand out from the crowd!

Because Wrap-Around® differs completely from all other solutions for tubular cantilever chairs, it is very distinctive. Despite having been on the market in the United States for much longer, Wrap-Around® is very innovative in Europe. Are you a retailer and do you want to broaden your range? Offer your customers an attractive alternative with Wrap-Around®!

Just stick it..

Application is very easy. You don't need to drill or screw and don't need any tools. This will save you lots of time. Moreover, we are talking about a very strong product.

Well protected..

Wrap-Around® floor protectors are floorsaving. The sliding surface of synthetic needle felt is super durable and offers maximum protection. And experts know: good sliding surfaces always pay for themselves.

It’s so quiet..

Sliding noises from chairs are a real nuisance, whether at home, in the office or in public areas. It is often so noisy that any reduction of disturbing noises is desirable. For example, in your favourite restaurant: cool industrial design, a stone or beautiful cast floor and tubular steel chairs. Or just at home: if you can hear people downstairs shuffling in their chairs. This kind of noise pollution is unnecessary and causes irritation and stress. WithWrap-Around® floor protectors, sliding noises are easily kept to a minimum. This way you can quickly and easily create a pleasant living environment.

With flying colours..

The colours of Wrap-Around® have been deliberately kept calm and neutral. They fit well with current interior trends with coloured frames, robust materials and natural colours. But Wrap-Around® can also be combined well with the sleek design of today's modern brands. Choose an unobtrusive colour for a calm and pleasant living environment or give your furniture your own twist with a contrasting colour. The choice is yours!

“You don't even see the grey-coloured Wrap-Around® on my concrete floor…”