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Crazy about felt

A passion for sliding surfaces for furniture? Yes, it exists! We at Vloerglijders.nl are only happy when the customer sits down satisfied. The company originated from a small service website of a specialist in tubular frame chairs. Vloerglijders.nl is now one of the leading players in the Dutch floor protectors market.

“We soon noticed that there was a demand for a product for narrow tubular frame chairs that does not require drilling into the pipe. Wrap-Around® has thus become a wonderful addition to our range.”

In addition to seating comfort, a good sliding surface is especially important for the comfort of every chair. The size determines the ease of use. A large sliding surface allows the chair to slide smoothly across the floor: smooth and above all quiet.”

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Great addition with Wrap-Around®!

Felt is the most suitable material for a good floor glide, but the attachment is often a problem. “Especially with the current trends: hairpin legs, narrow tubular frames and increasingly thinner glides. The standard caps never stay under it for long. In our search for a durable, easy-to-attach alternative, we found a beautiful felt solution in the US: Wrap-Around® We brought this product to the Netherlands. We immediately became a distributor for all of Europe.

Wrap-Around® is a great addition to the assortment of any retailer. The patented concept has been on the market in the United States for years and has been further developed there into what it is today: an easy to apply, robust floor protector. We have carefully introduced the product to the Dutch market. The question was whether in a modern society such as the Netherlands, with sleek and light interiors, a traditional and robust product such as Wrap-Around® would acquire a place among the existing products.”

Embraced by the Dutch consumer

“It turned out to be a good move, and the product has now been embraced in the Netherlands. Wrap-Around® fits very well with today's robust designs, with dark tubular frames and natural materials. And it also goes very well with sleek designs and thin chrome tubular frames from well-known brands for which it is increasingly difficult to install a floor protector. The quality also is in line with the wishes of the demanding Dutchman.”

European dealer network

Wrap-Around® is now being introduced in various European countries. “Our mission is to supply floor glides of the best quality, and then to excel in delivery and service. We market the product through a dealer network and at an attractive rate. Wrap-Around® stands for quality, fast delivery and good service. That is why we also work with large transporters. If you are interested and see opportunities, please contact us. We are happy to deliver on our promises! Together we will make many enthusiasts of tubular frame chairs happy!”