Application area

The solution for every hard flat floor


Your new floor is a real eye-catcher. It costs a lot of money, but is always worth it ... Now you want to be able to live on it without worrying about scratches and streaks at every moment. Wrap-Around® has been specially developed to protect vulnerable surfaces. Wrap-Around® ensures that you don't have to think about the vulnerability of your floor: you just do what you want, Wrap-Around® protects your floor.

For you as well?

Due to the discrete design, Wrap-Around® fits in many different interiors. Simply at home, but also in the office or in public or quiet areas.


In commercial spaces

Commercial spaces are often equipped with an industrial surface such as a cast floor or a PVC floor. The Wrap-Around® floor protectors ensure a quieter work floor. That works!


In schools

The optimal sound insulation and the large sliding surface of the Wrap-Around® floor protectors contribute to a quiet learning environment and better learning performance. Ideal for schools.


In libraries

Ssshhh… Wrap-Around® minimises sliding noise from seats across the hard floor. Due to the large sliding surface, seats slide easier and make less noise. A welcome feature in a library!


For at home

Do you have a cool industrial interior or did you opt for Scandinavian design? Then the Wrap-Around® products fit seamlessly into your interior. But you can also use Wrap-Around® floor protectors for classic design pieces, mid-century pieces or a modern interior. The natural, grey and black versions are excellent for the thin and chrome-plated 10 mm tubular frames of modern chairs from well-known brands. Are you looking for a sustainable solution for your tubular frame furniture? We are happy to help you straight away through our online store.


For facility companies

Are you going to put the seats in a theatre setting for a while? Or does your customer prefer their tables and chairs in a U-shape? Wrap-Around® is very interesting for facility companies that maintain public spaces, work areas, meeting rooms, etc. They can now very quickly and easily provide a chair with a perfect sliding surface that also remains in place for a long time. Changing the setup is smoother and makes a lot less noise.

“We only noticed how noisy it had always been after applying Wrap-Around® floor glides!”