Wrap-Around® Original Black

Strong and simple design: Wrap-Around® Original Black

The black Wrap-Around® Original fits perfectly on any furniture with a black tubular frame, whatever the environment it is in… The Wrap-Around® Original in black is also very suitable for chairs with dark upholstery. The chairs slide smoothly and quietly over the hard, smooth floor. No annoying scratches, no ugly stripes ... The unobtrusive design and easy fit make it an ideal product.

Discrete, but very effective

The black Wrap-Around® Original glides are designed to stand out on the frame as little as possible. Where the other two colors are intended to disappear into the color of the background, with the black version we have a variant available that can be widely used on today's modern black frames.

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The black-colored Wrap-Around® Original is available in three sizes. The external diameter of the tube is used for the dimensions

  • Ø 10-16 mm (Sliding surface 50 x 15 mm)
  • Ø 16-25 mm (Sliding surface 50 x 15 mm)
  • Ø 10-25 mm (Small) (Sliding surface 20 x 15 mm) *

 The narrow version is especially suitable for applications where is little space or where it is difficult to attach a felt glider (cross legs). When applied to frequently used seating furniture, we recommend the standard version.

The solution for every hard flat floor

Wrap-Around® Original has been specially developed to protect vulnerable surfaces. Wrap-Around® Original ensures that you don't have to think about the vulnerability of your floor: you just do what you want, Wrap-Around® protects your floor.

✔︎ Suitable for:

Wrap-Around® Original is suitable suitable for:

Due to the synthetic felt sliding surface, Wrap-Around® floor protectors are extremely suitable on hard floors, such as laminate. Also other flat floors such as tarpaulin, cast floor, linoleum, marmoleum, cork, coating floors, vinyl, PVC, VCT, power-floated concrete, tiles or flagstones will be well protected with Wrap-Around® with the synthetic felt sliding surface.

✘ Not suitable for:

Wrap-Around® Original is not suitable for:

Irregular tile floors with large and / or deep grooves, ceramic floors and sensitive floors such as smooth lacquered or oiled parquet.

For the protection of sensitive floors such as parquet, you can opt for the Wrap-Around® Nova with woolfelt sliding surface

With reservation: The use of Wrap-around® Original on the above surfaces is an advice based on experience. Specific floors may deviate in individual cases to such an extent that our Wrap-around gliders are less suitable.

"You don't even see the black Wrap-Around® Original on my HAY AAC chair ..."